Phasing in Physical Church Gatherings

Friday, June 05, 2020 • John Cole • COVID-19
A description of how we are phasing in our in-person gatherings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dear Church Family,


It is the desire of our church to honor the Lord and be a Gospel-light within our community. Our church officers and I believe a careful and respectful approach to phasing in our physical gatherings attributes toward this end. There are varying beliefs regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and world response, and we have chosen to treat the matter with respect and discretion for this reason.


We are doing our part to provide a safe, reasonable phasing in of our in-person services. During our online services over the past two weeks, I have been talking us through the steps we will take, and I have now detailed these steps concisely for us in writing here. Please review over them and communicate with me regarding any questions or recommendations you may have. This Sunday evening will be a good time to discuss this in person.






We will continue online, live-stream services on Sundays at 10:45 AM and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.




Sunday Nights: We will resume in-person gatherings on Sunday nights at 6:00 PM, beginning June 7. At least initially, this time will be intentionally designed to give us fellowship around God's Word with an interactive Bible study. We will teach, review, and discuss Scripture together. Along with that, we will have available food and activities to promote re-joined fellowship. Weather permitting, we will initially hold these services outside both for safety reasons and to remove the need to wear face masks.


Sunday Mornings: We will resume in-person gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM, beginning June 21. These services will also be live-streamed for everyone who prefers to watch from home for their safety. The services will include time of prayer, music, Scripture reading, and preaching of God's Word.


Wednesday Evenings and Sunday School: We will set a date for these services to resume after evaluating the resumed Sunday morning and evening services for at least two weeks.







Facilities and used furniture will be disinfected before each use, and hand sanitizer will be available for use.




While inside facilities, we are asking everyone to wear face masks.




Seating areas will be labeled and dispersed by alternating pew ends, i.e., right side, left side, right side, etc. This will ensure we maintain six feet of social distance from non-family members. Our auditorium size enables us to meet the 50% capacity guideline.



Social Distancing

We ask everyone to refrain from making physical contact, including handshaking or hugs.




We ask that anyone with any signs of possible virus-like symptoms to refrain from meeting until the signs are no longer present.





We are grateful to everyone within our church for your patience, support, and faithfulness throughout all this time and transition. We also wish to thank you in advance for your gracious compliance with the steps we are taking for all involved. 


Our church is much like the church of Philippi. We have joy and unity in Christ and His Gospel work. May we keep that testimony throughout this trying time.


May the Lord be glorified and the Gospel furthered as we resume gathering together in person.


Your Servant in Christ,

John Cole


Rose Hill Baptist Church



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