Vote on August 16 | Expenditure for Auditorium Visuals, Lighting, and Platform

Thursday, August 13, 2020 • John Cole • Church Vote
Vote will take place after the service on Sunday, August 16.

As first announced on August 2, Pastor John and our church officers are bringing forward the opportunity for our church to vote on Sunday, August 16 to allocate surplus funds in savings to install auditorium projectors and screens ($38k) and platform lighting ($36k) as well as to remodel the platform area ($26k). This is part of an overall plan to invest in the presentation of our church communications both during services as well as in digital and online platforms.


The projectors and screens will be used to enhance teaching, missionary presentations, music, videos for special events, announcements, and more. The new platform lighting will ensure lighting is strategically directed to give light where it is desired while not shining on the area with the screen. Accent lighting on the back walls will also add appropriate vibrancy to the appearance for those viewing both in the auditorium and online. The remodels will include wood surface as the platform flooring, rock walling in the center wall where the screen will be, painting, and backlit metal cross and church logo.


All work is being accomplished by professionals in their areas with guidance from an interior designer and AVL integrator. We have received multiple estimates, and we believe we have a strong team to accomplish these projects.


The vote for allocating the funds listed above from savings for these projects will take place after the service on Sunday, August 16. Members will vote by private ballot, with the vote carried by the majority vote of members who participate in the vote. With the current reality of COVID-19 influencing some members to meet online only, please call or text Pastor John at 219.743.2990 before Sunday to cast your vote if you will not be in attendance on Sunday. We do encourage all members to prayerfully participate and have a part in the advancements we are making in how we present our church and communications for the furtherance of the Gospel.




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