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Sunday, May 17, 2020 • John Cole • Discipleship
The church is a selfless mission. While it does bring benefit to each of us as we contribute within it, its mission is ultimately selfless, and therefore, so must be its members.
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 • John Cole • Social Issues
We know earthly nations and kingdoms will not last, yet we steward the influence we have today, knowing we will all stand at the Judgement Seat of Christ and answer for what we did with the grace God gave us. Live for God's kingdom first.
Sunday, May 10, 2020 • John Cole • Spiritual Maturity
As we obey Christ in the presence of spiritual leaders, much more in their absence, let God do His work in and through us, making us lights within a perverse world until Christ returns.
Wednesday, May 06, 2020 • John Cole • Relationships
As we look at yet another vanity under the sun, we see people vainly grasping to fill their lusts at the expense of this human companionship that God determined we need. This is not referring specifically to marriage, though marriage and family are included. This passage here in Ecclesiastes is addressing the value of human companionship in general and the vanity of trying to live without this God-ordained provision.
Sunday, May 03, 2020 • John Cole • Unity
Christ became obedient to the death of the cross and then defeated it. You and I are invited into humble, harmonious service for the same purpose: the cross of Christ. God's people, living out God's plan, with Christ's mindset—humility. Learn how to have humble harmony.
Sunday, April 26, 2020 • John Cole • Faith
The Good News of Jesus Christ comes with high expectations. It truly is is good, and because of that, it is worthy of living for it. As born-again children of God, we are citizens of Heaven. We were bought with a price. We represent our King. It is imperative that we live in a manner worthy of this belonging.
Wednesday, April 22, 2020 • John Cole • Oppression
How do Christians respond to the awful reality of oppression in this world? God tells us He is truth and that everything He does is eternal. What He does in this world, even allowing such vanities as oppression, teaches us to fear before Him. God is our portion in oppression.
Sunday, April 19, 2020 • John Cole • Jesus Christ
In this text, Paul poetically and clearly defines his life purpose, as well as what should be the life purpose for each of us. Paul gives this definition amidst prison and internal struggle over what he desires to do at this point in his life. He knows he could very well face death soon at the hand of Nero. Why should Paul continue? What is life to Paul?
Sunday, April 12, 2020 • John Cole • Salvation
Jesus humbled Himself to the Father's will, and God the Father exalted Jesus above all things as Lord. Jesus' humility and obedience brings eternal results for us all. He became like us, yet still God, and He makes those in Christ like Him, yet still human. May we follow Jesus in humility and trust God's work of exaltation.
Sunday, April 05, 2020 • John Cole • Hardship
Paul minimized the struggle of his "happenings," and he found great joy in furtherance of the Gospel amidst it. May we set the joy of the Gospel before us, and walk through our happenings with rejoicing in God's Gospel work.